Muslims Against ISIS

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More than 30,000 Muslims marched against ISIS

 More than 30,000 Muslims marched against ISIS but you probably didn't hear about it.

Jesus was not a Christian. Mohammed was not a Muslim. Siddhartha was not a Buddhist. Love was their religion. Nothing else. Love is the only acceptable religion, if you must have one. Everything else divides and breeds hatred and strife.


If only our media could try to resolve the conflicts instead of making crispy news out of incidents, we could have a much better world to live in.
We must understand that there are 1.6 billion muslims on earth and if terrorism had anything to do with Islam, we all would have been wiped out way back.
If you are a little logical, try to divide the number of terrorists by the total population of muslims, and you would know that, it comes to "negligible".
Of course, some terrorists have been Muslims but our media had a huge role in this stereotyping.
If an incident of "Public Shooting" happens in the USA, the news headlines are "A troubled gunman killed 10 people in USA", they never mention his religion, they never say that he was a "Christian" .
Now if anything similar is done by a Muslim, The headlines are "An armed Muslim killed 10 people in USA". See the difference? See how they are defaming the religion and turning us against Muslims at a sub-conscious level ?
When Mughals invaded India, We said that "Muslims invaded India and killed people", but when England invaded India, we never said that "Christians Invaded India and killed people". Don't you see the difference ? How we always associated religion with an act of terrorism only when it is done by a Muslim ?
I have spent my childhood surrounded by muslims, almost all of my school friends are muslims, infact my best friend is a muslim too, and I have seen them celebrating Hindu festivals like "Holi", "Diwali", "Rakhi" etc, and I have been to Eid Celebration a number of times in a muslim dominant locality and you know what? I have always felt safe ! I have been inside Mosques and you know what ? They are just like Mandirs or Churches where people go, pray, and come back !
We must understand that when Pakistan does something wrong, It is the mentality of Pakistanis, not Muslims.
Before you say anything against the religion, remember, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who was an icon to all of us, was a muslim too.

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